Champions Tale

This year I am a working with Edinburgh based charity BE United whose mission is to create greater understanding and trust between different cultures through music and dance, and The Champions; a South African multi-talented youth performing arts group, that passes messages of hope, unity and humanity to people through dance, African music and theater to develop, ‘Champions Tale’, a unique and invigorating show combining music and dance with interactive discussion; an innovative art form and cross-cultural collaboration allowing the lines between audiences and performers to become blurred and real learning and cross-cultural connection to occur.

Bringing my learning and love of restorative communication practices, alongside my background in music and dance collaboration I’ll devise and hold the discussion space, as well as supporting the performers to integrate their learning as we tour around Scotland, interacting with different audiences, over October and November 2017,

To support me to effectively be able to hold this space, in a weeks time I will travel to Durban, South Africa, to work with Be United, meet The Champions and get first hand experience of their lives and themes we will be working with during the tour.

Final Photo

As with all the work I do, it’s important to me that what I create mutually supports and is supported by community. For the past years many of you have supported me in various and creative ways with my training and exploring of ideas, and I’m excited to here bring you a concrete focus for this work – an opportunity to enter into live dialogue around the weaving together of our global community.

Travel costs for this are currently coming out of my own pocket, and while I would love to be able to easily gift this to the project, in order for it to be truly sustainable for me, it would greatly support me to receive your help with raising these funds.

The amount I am looking to raise is £600 (Flights £540, Trains & Buses £60)

If you are moved, inspired, curious about what you’ve read here and would like to support this project, your contribution is one way in which to tangibly nurture its development and is very much appreciated.

Donations can be sent via my Crowdfunding Page, and also directly to: 

Account: Nationwide ac~05090708 sc~070116

During the preparation and touring of this project I will be keeping a blog – I also hope to devise some way of holding a discussion space online exploring what arises during the performances – keep up to date on twitter.
Thank you for your support!

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