Music:Dance:Restorative Dialogue – The journey begins…

Currently in preparation for heading out to Durban, South Africa, tomorrow. I’m going with an open heart, open mind and excited to meet new people, learn new things and see what arises…

The combining of Music, Dance and Restorative Dialogue is an important meeting point for me, bringing together the passions of my younger self for expression and connecting through performative arts, and my focus over the past years on Nonviolent Communication – restorative communication practices that support connection and co-creation at the level of our shared humanity. In my experience music and dance naturally connects and takes us to this place of our shared humanness…

The curiosity I carry with me to Durban is, in what ways does life manifest in daily rhythms that may be similar, and different, to how this manifests where I am from…? What are people’s unique joys and challenges? How can we create a space where dialogue can emerge that honors and experientially shares the fullness of life as experienced in both places…?

I’m deeply grateful for the support I have received so far in actualising my participation in this project in a way that meets my value of co-creation. This has come in forms of offers of support in maintaining self-connection and clarity throughout the project, financial support, and the soul nurturing companionship of shared excitement 🙂

More information on the project can be found on my funding page at: and watch this space for what emerges to be shared from Durban!


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