Ngiyabonga South Africa!

We arrived back at Hill Crest, where Emma’s cousin stays, today after two weeks with the Champions at Richmond Farm.

To say we’ve worked hard feels almost an understatement… Rehearsing from morning until night most days, spending time together, visiting the guys’ families, eating together and sharing living space, drawing together the full embodiment, performance and dialogue, of ‘The Champions Tale’.

The intention of this performance is to blur the lines between performers and audience that real cross-cultural connection can happen, and I’ve experienced some significant shifts during this time in my own experience of connecting across cultures, race, and privilege.

Over my next few posts I’d like to share of the learning i’ve had around these topics, as well as the steps I’ve taken to create the restorative dialogue space, and the array of opportunities we’ve come up with that you can experience what we’ve created and take part wherever you may be in the world.

Right now I need to get to bed as we fly home tomorrow, and I will leave you with a few pictures of our wee family here.

Ngiyabonga, Thank you, South Africa, for this incredible journey!


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